Cloud Services

Take advantage of various cloud services, we can help make sense of it all.


Cloud Services

Google, Microsoft, Amazon-there are a plethora of online cloud service providers all offering a barrage of services that small-businesses can take advantage to provide high-quality, high-availability services that can both reduce your bottom line as well as streamline your workflow.  We can help you to make sense of them and integrate them into your business.

Just a small sample of cloud based services we can help you to integrate into your business:

  • Google G-suite (email, calendar, drive, etc)
  • Amazon S3 storage
  • Amazon EC2 computing instances
  • Amazon CloudFront

We’re here to show you how cloud computing can work along side your exiting IT infrastructure.


Cloud services can help provide redundancy and high-availability at a lower cost

Services are flexible and in most cases no contracts are required

Cloud storage can help keep your backups safe, secure, and off-site

Many services you may already have include cloud-based services that you're not taking advantage of

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