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Starting in 2002, Fingertech originally focused primarily on website design and development. Working with various businesses to build a web presence that fit their needs and budgets, we broadened our services to include web hosting while continuing to focus primarily on web design and programming.

As the IT world continues to evolve, so must we and over the last few years we have leaned more on solutions that are quicker to launch, lower cost for the customer, and provide an overall superior solution to the old-school days of building from scratch. Making use of various tools available such as WordPress have enabled us to provide customers with a robust platform and expandable website that far surpasses what was once available and all for a fraction of the cost.

Looking further into the future, Fingertech is now looking to further expand its IT presence by offering an even broader range of services including general IT such as computer repair and VoIP IP PBX solutions. We hope to continue this trend and provide our customers with an array of services that are both useful and affordable for small-businesses.


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You have many choices when it comes to your IT needs, from discount online websites to local kids. We know this is a tough decision, but ultimately only want the best for you and your business. Don’t skimp when it comes to one of the most important tools your business uses on a daily basis.

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